Sorting & Packaging


Jan Oskam BV has to its disposal various sorting locations with the most modern equipment. We can offer many different ways of packaging our apples and pears. Besides the traditional way of packaging (loose and laid), we possess a small-packaging department where we can pack according to the requirements of our clients.


Cooling / ULO storage


Jan Oskam BV owns its own hypermodern ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) storage cells. These are set to the specific values ​​of the product and are being monitored continuously. The storage of the products takes place in Vleuten, Neerijnen and third parties.




Logistics is in good hands with Jan Oskam BV and is tightly organized. A considerable part of our clients (about 40%) buys our products in conformity with EXW-conditions and deals with shipment at their own discretion.

The remaining part is delivered on pre-paid conditions. The logistics specialists that work at Jan Oskam BV use their many years of experience and excellent contacts optimally. We always choose the right transport solution.

Our own fleet of vehicles is being used for transport in the Benelux and in Germany.